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5 New Games For Game Night

Struggling to find the right game to play at the next game night you host for your family and friends? We here at Concierge Apartments are here to help you with a list of some of our favorite games! Our apartments for rent in Richfield provide a new standard of apartment homes in a fantastic location that features premium finishes and wide-open spaces.

Our one-bedroom floor plans offer luxury living with modern styles and impressive amenities that are perfect for hosting your next game night. Check out a list of our favorite games below.

Settle in for the Night

If a game with elemental simplicity is more your speed than you’ll want to check out Settlers of Catan. You and your friends will transform into settlers (or rulers for more of a roleplaying twist), each attempting to dominate a game board with your own settlements you built by trading and acquiring resources. You will earn points as the number of settlements you own grows, and the first person to reach 10 points wins!

A New Take On Playing Cards

Have friends who think most games are for kids? Cards Against Humanity flips that theory on its heads. This is not a game for kids. Cards Against Humanity is one of the most purchased party games over the last few years. Adult players finish sentences that have missing words by using words or phrases on playing cards that are often regarded as offensive, risqué, or politically incorrect. One player each round who serves as a judge gets to pick their favorite submission and award that player a point.

Start the Party with Jackbox

Modernize game night with Jackbox Party Pack. Make use of technology and your streaming services when your friends are over and indulge in a multitude of party games. Every pack includes 5 or so games that are played by large groups of people while using streaming services or game consoles on your television and phones to participate.

Ticket to a Great Game Night

Turn back time as if you were building the first railways across the country by playing Ticket to Ride. You and your friends will compete to own the most train tracks on the game board, similar to the style of play of Settlers of Catan, where you can collect and trade resources. This game requires a lot of strategy and quick thinking. There is a reason that it is one of the most purchased board games over the last 15 years.

Game Night Classic

Sometimes, the best game nights are ones where the old school games come out to play. Look no further than playing Charades, where multiple players team up and compete against other teams. Each player will take a turn acting out each syllable of a word or phrase while teammates try and guess what it is they are describing. You and your friends will certainly have fun putting your acting and miming skills to the test.

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